About The Course

This course focuses on learning practical Linux Administration skills that can be used to support Linux Server Infrastructure, Deploy new server and Datacenter. Including learning Linux Administrator job interview skills and how to do Linux Server Administration in the real world and production environment

It is suitable for anyone thinking about moving into Linux Support role or for other professionals wanting to gain a more in-depth understanding of the role and responsibilities of Linux Server Administration.

After this course, you will be able to:

  1. Linux O.S Installation, File System Structure, User and Group Management, Permissions
  2. passwd, shadow, password policy, Authentication, vim, cron, at, Filesystem Creation and management
  3. ACL, SELinux, Network users, ISO Image mount
  4. User quota and management, runlevels, reboot and shutdown, umask
  5. Linux Server health check and monitoring, SAR reports, process priorities
  6. RPM and Package management, Linux boot process, Backup
  7. SSH and passwordless Authentication, Encryption, PAM, Iptables, TCP Wrappers
  8. RAID Levels, User and Group Quota Management, Logical volume Manager
  9. Linux Servers, NFS, SAMBA, FTP, MAIL, DNS (Master and Slave), HTTP
  10. Amanda Backup server and client setup
  11. Dockers, Containers, Images