About The Course

This is not just a traditional training course, the course is design to benefit the candidates and make them ready for the current job market. In summary, the objective of the course is to make you capable of performing Manual on your own. The course is dynamic, comprehensive and designed to give you hands on experience and expose you to the concepts of Manual Testing in a structured way. This workshop is ideal for testers moving to the Agile space and those testers wanting to gain technical testing skills.

Course Objectives:

  1. Complete understanding of STLC Process
  2. Experience of Test Planning
  3. Experience of Test Development
  4. Experience of Test Execution & Analysis
  5. Experience of Defect Tracking
  6. Experience of Test Reporting
  7. Practice experience of working on a Real Time Project

Intended Audience and Prerequisites:

  1. Manual testers wanting to gain automation testing skills
  2. Testers with no c sharp programming experience looking to gain Webdriver experience
  3. QTP testers wanting to gain selenium tool experience
  4. Test Analysts wanting to gain technical skills in Selenium
  5. Senior Test Analysts wanting to gain technical skills in Selenium
  6. Test Managers wanting to gain practical experience to direct their teams
  7. Automation testers wanting to gain Selenium Automation testing experience
  8. Agile Testers – gain Selenium and technical skills to improve their agile skills