About The Course

This course focuses to give Knowledge of the data model, creation of the proper data connections, scripting fundamentals; best practices, loading data and how to deploy QlikView applications. It also covers data modeling and database connectivity.

It is suitable for Software Developers, IT Architects, Designers, Business and Reporting Professionals and graduates eager to build career in Visualization and Analytics.

After this course, you will be able to:

  1. Implement various modeling and visualization techniques.
  2. Learn how to create qvd file in QlikView Desktop.
  3. Learn basic steps of Transformation.
  4. Create different types of charts for Dashboard Analysis.
  5. Learn how QlikView read data from various tables.
  6. Explain set analysis and how to implement it.
  7. Understand chart level functions and script level functions.
  8. Understand concepts of Security and access types in QlikView
  9. Develop a real-time project using QlikView.